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World Beyond War: Is it Possible?

February 11, 2024

Dr Reuwer, who is a retired emergency doctor and a veteran of Unarmed Civilian Protection teams in Palestine/Israel, Ukraine, South Sudan, Haiti, Columbia, Central America as well as inner US cities, brings important insights into our current national debate on security by introducing the alternative security vision of  World BEYOND War.

This framework helps to better understand what in our collective peacemaking experience is successful and how to proceed. His interactive presentation will draw on participants’ own understanding and experience to enhance the vision of the organisation.

During the tour Dr Reuwer also seeks to understand how New Zealand has been so successful in peace making initiatives such as  its nuclear free status. He questions why trillions are spent on preparing and going to wars while  very little is spent on resolving conflict and helping nations to work together more constructively.

Hailing  from Washington DC where he is actively involved in the Ceasefire for Gaza campaign, Dr Reuwer will be accompanied by his wife Laurie Gagne, an emeritus professor of Peace Studies.

He serves on the board of directors of World BEYOND War and the Committee to Abolish Nuclear Weapons of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

This tour is supported by the Religious Society of Friends of Aotearoa and a world BEYOND War Aotearoa.

More on John is available here

Contact:        Liz Remmerswaal         027 333 1055

                       John Reuwer                  022 408 7405

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