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Disarmament Education - University of Canterbury

February 2, 2024

On the 9th of October DSC Programme Manager Lucy Stewart visited the University of Canterbury to
give a guest lecture to second-year political science and international relations students. Her lecture
came at the invitation of Associate Professor Jeremy Moses as part of his course on the international
politics of humanitarianism.

Students learned about the humanitarian impacts of the use of nuclear weapons and the key treaties
underpinning disarmament in international law. It was a session of lively debate with students engaged and asking Lucy so many questions that the 50-minute lecture was pushed into overtime. To complement the lecture, a reading by Dr. John Borrie was assigned which discussed the civil society campaign to ban nuclear weapons in international law. In particular, it focused on how campaigners reframed debates about nuclear weapons in a way which was similar to the movements which achieved bans on cluster munitions and landmines.

Disarmament education is one of our key objectives at the DSC and university lectures provide an
important platform for reaching young people in particular. Their role in contributing to peace is
something that has been affirmed by the UN General Assembly. Disarmament education provides
them with the knowledge and empowerment to effect such positive change.
Students came away from October’s session with an understanding of the key humanitarian
arguments for nuclear disarmament and the importance of hearing the voices of victims of the use
and testing of nuclear weapons in these contexts. Overall, this will now equip them to think about
and engage with nuclear issues and debates.

We are always happy to give talks and workshops to schools, universities and community groups. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a session with your learners. We are happy to adjust our content and delivery to suit the needs of your learners.

Lucy Stewart lectures on humanitarian disarmament.
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