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Disarm Kōrero is back!

March 3, 2023

Wednesday March 22 at 12pm NZT. Register for the session here on Eventbrite

We are back for our first Disarm Kōrero of 2023! We are pleased to have Associate Professor Marianne Hanson and University of Oxford DPhil Candidate Marco de Jong join us to speak about the Australia, United Kingdom, and United States of America trilateral security pact (AUKUS) and its implications for Australia’s neighbours, international law, and regional peace and security.

For some background reading about the AUKUS security pact we recommend ICAN’s Troubled Waters: Nuclear Submarines, AUKUS and the NPT report which Marianne contributed to. The Guardian has also written many articles about AUKUS.

Introducing our speakers:

Dr Marianne Hanson will present AUKUS - Australia reinforces neglect of its ASEAN and South Pacific neighbours.

Marianne gained her Doctorate at Oxford University and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Political Science and International Studies. She teaches and researches international security focusing on arms control, disarmament, international organisations, and international law.  She has written extensively about the debate on the elimination of nuclear weapons and the efforts to delegitimise the use or possession of weapons of mass destruction. Marianne is currently Co-Chair of ICAN Australia, and is also a member of the Asia Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament.

She  has recently published Challenging Nuclearism: a humanitarian approach to reshape the global nuclear order, Manchester University Press, 2022, which examines the growth of norms and legal constraints on the possession and use of nuclear weapons. Details of the book can be found here.

You can read more about her work and publications here.

Marco de Jong will present AUKUS, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Pacific "family"

Marco is a Samoan New Zealander and University of Oxford DPhil Candidate on the history of the environmental movement in the Pacific, with a focus on anti-nuclearism and environmental diplomacy in response to climate change.

He has returned to Aotearoa New Zealand and is working for Te Kuaka New Zealand Alternative focusing on demilitarisation and a nuclear free Pacific.

He along with fellow Oxford scholar KDee Aimiti have written for The Spinoff on ‘If climate change is a new ‘nuclear-free moment’, will NZ abandon the Pacific as it did then?’.

Our Disarm Kōrero sessions are designed to be a discussion opportunity, so come along with your questions and comments, or equally you're welcome to just tune in to listen. We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday March 22 at 12pm NZT on Zoom. Register for the session here on Eventbrite.

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