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Wasted: 2022 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

June 15, 2023

ICAN has published its annual report documenting massive investments in global nuclear weapons spending in 2022. The report titled Wasted: 2022 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending can be found here.

It outlines how in 2022, the year Russia invaded Ukraine, the nine nuclear-armed states spent $82.9 billion on their nuclear weapons, more than $157,000 per minute, an overall increase of $2.5 billion from 2021.

The report also delves into the connections which keep governments spending money on nuclear weapons. The cycle of influence - from boardrooms to thinktanks to decision-makers - and the trail of cash, contracts and connections which makes it all possible.

It is hard not to imagine how much difference this money could make to education, addressing inequality, housing shortages, health, addressing climate change, and historical wrongs.

It is a must read.

ICAN has also developed a great range of social media content ready to use here.

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